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We provide solutions with custom R&D, technology transfer, consulting, and green manufacturing in the following areas: catalysis, materials, air purification and water treatment,  battery materials,  energy/fuel/petrochemical technologies,  and active pharmaceutical ingredients.  Projects.

CATALYSIS and related reaction engineering, characterization, mechanistic aspects, and R&D.

  • Zeolites as hydrocarbon conversion catalysts, adsorbents, ion-exchangers, and microporous materials.  Our technologies are still employed in companies in China
  • Transition Metal Oxides for total or selective oxidation, adsorption, oxygen removal, photocatalysts, and coating.  One of these technologies was purchased by Englehard (now a part of BASF) for their PremAir Program.
  • Metal and Supported Metal for hydrogenation, hydro-processing, combustion, and emission control.
  • Air Pollution Control such as total oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOC's), DeNOx, DeSOx, and other pollutants.
  • In-door Air Purification with decompoisition or adsorption of volatile organic compounds and other toxic gases. 
  • Removal of nutrients, heavy metals, and algae inhibition technologies. 
NEW ENERGY SOURCES such as hydrogen, synthetic oil, bioethanol, and new battery materials.
  • C1 Chemistry with unique approaches for syngas (CO + H2) converting to synthetic oil (F-T synthesis). 
  • Novel production of hydrogen as a "clean fuel", such as room temperature water splitting, and room-temperature steam methane reforming.
  • Bioethanol technologies with novel conversion to basic raw materials.  
  • Efficient Production technologies in both energy efficiency and materials consumption in  reaction, separation, and other unit operations involving ion-exchange techniques. 
  • Cheaper, more abundant sources for basic raw materials and drivatives of ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, and xylene, e.g., liquefied petroleum gas or bioethanol for these materials/derivatives. 
  • Reduce consumption/eliminate toxicity and promote efficiency/safety for current industrial processes.
MATERIALS science and technology in academy, industry, and commercial R&D.
  • Nanosized Materials of metal oxides and salts as catalysts, adsorbents, and coating materials.
  • Battery Materials such as alpha-, gamma-, and delta-MnOx, and layered materials.
  • Ion-Exchangers used for water treatment, production, metal enrichment and recovery, and adsorption. 



1. Continuous Hydrogenation of Benzene (Pyridine) Carboxylic Acid 


Products from hydrogenation of benzene (Pyridine)carboxylic Acid are widely used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).  Many producers use batch reactor hydrogenation because of the simplicity of the operation.  However, the batch mode needs very big volume of reactor, resulting very low volumetric yield.  In order to increase the reaction efficiency and to fit into an automatic operation in large scale production, continuous mode is desired.


For these reactions, the catalysts are usually chosen from Ni, Pt, Pd, and Rh supported on active carbon.  Also, the starting reactant is generally a high-melting point solid, a proper solvent is needed.  The solvent candidate could be from supercritical CO2, acetic acid, hexane, etc.  A batch reactor (autoclave) is used to obtain the kinetics of the reaction.  With the rate equation, a continuous reaction system is designed for process confirmation and engineering scale up  with a 2-liter continuous hydrogenation reactor-control system.  A proper catalyst and solvent for different reaction systems were chosen, Separation, purification of reactant-production for the hydrogenation of various starting materials were also determined for the production of products good for API specs.

Sunday, July 22, 2018
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